Never a dull moment at our North Shore project

Things are really starting to come together out here at our North Shore project in Belfair.  Trim and interior paneling are starting to be installed inside the primary residence to give it that beach cabin look.  Beautiful cabinetry by Magraw Zecha is currently being installed, and the low maintenance gutter-less metal roof has gone on.  The ADU has also received its metal roof and siding to match the main residence, and paneling to begin soon. The Bunkhouse has just finished being framed and Clark crews are installing upgraded exterior insulation to help R-value and reduce heat loss at stud locations.  Framing is about to be completed on The Oyster Temple and that metal roof has also been installed.  
Upcoming projects at North Shore include: interior flooring (heated concrete), interior & exterior painting, tile, masonry, excavation, landscaping prep and roughing in the plumbing, heating and electrical in the final building.  There’s never a dull moment at this job site!  
Learn more about this ambitious residential project here:

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