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We don’t just build structures – we’re building a great team. At fast-growing Clark Construction, our people are our number one resource and biggest investment – the assets that drive our company forward. We’re proud to attract top talent at every level of our organization, from the craftsmen on every jobsite to the front-office staff. And as we grow, you’ll grow with us. Clark provides professional development through ongoing training, classes and skill-building tools to help further your career in construction – an education program that lets us build the company from within. We embrace inclusiveness, from our employees’ backgrounds to their skills and talents, as we build a diverse and successful organization. With outstanding pay and benefits not usually offered by construction companies, and a positive, supportive culture, we want our employees with us for the long term. Learn how you can bring your skills and passion to the Clark team today.

Why work here?

  • We offer some of the best employee benefits in the industry
  • We offer continuing education and internal promotion opportunities that are second to none
  • We are an employee owned company with the opportunity to not just be a part of an amazing team but to also become an owner.
  • We are committed to respecting and promoting human rights.

Employee Benefits

  • PTO on an increasing scale
  • Fully paid medical/vision insurance - day 1 of employment
  • Very competitive family insurance rates supplemented by Clark
  • Dental insurance at very competitive rates
  • Paid short term disability
  • 3% annual bonus
  • Discretionary quarterly bonuses based on profitability
  • 4% 401K match
  • Trips & events raffled throughout the year

What our people have to say:

  • “My days working in construction are challenging, rewarding & inspiring. I appreciate that Clark supports and encourages diversity. Clark provides a well-rounded cultural work environment in the office and in the field. I am thankful to work with such strong, intelligent and hard working people. They make it easier to show and prove every day.”

  • “It is rewarding to work in a male dominated field and grow, learn, and excel with the support of Clark leadership and coworkers. This company is unlike any other I have worked for in construction; women are held to the same standard, given the same opportunities, and praised just the same.”

  • “My favorite Clark project so far has been the LOOM living building challenge home. This highly sustainable re-model provided me the opportunity to work with “real wood”, a deep love of mine as a master carpenter. I also enjoyed being surrounded every day by amazing craftspeople.”

  • “What impresses me most is Clark’s pledge to giving back to the community and supporting our employees by committing to diversity and inclusiveness and to offering outstanding pay and benefits that are the most generous I have seen. I am proud to be a part of this incredible team!”

  • “Construction is a fast paced, rapidly changing career that never leave you bored or doing repetitive work. If you like to always be learning, and always be communicating, then you’ll love construction as I do.”

  • “It is humbling and empowering to be a woman in construction working among other strong, courageous, driven, accountable, and resilient women. We are vital to the workplace, and I love that there are so many women at Clark!”

  • “As one of the 1.25% of US women working in construction in the field, I am so proud to be a member of Team Clark.”

  • “My favorite part of working at Clark Construction is the people with which I work.”