Moriarty Historic Restoration

Our Moriarty project is an ambitious restoration on one of the original summer homes in Bainbridge Island’s The Country Club at Seattle, established in 1896. The Point it sits on was named “Restoration Point” by Captain George Vancouver, an English explorer who anchored his ship there in 1792. The name honors the day King Charles II was restored to the English throne. One-hundred and four years later, the second oldest golf club in WA state was established at the same site. Today the Country Club hasn’t changed much, in-fact, when visiting, it feels a little like you’ve gone back in time. Eighteen original homes sit above the golf course with panoramic views of Puget Sound waters and the mountains beyond. These 100+ year old homes are still mostly owned by descendants of the founders. An ultra-private club, open to members and guests only, the golf course and other amenities at the development are owned in common by the 18 families.

Mrs. Moriarty passed 2 years ago and was the original owner of the home, built back in 1906. The 4600 sf, 7 bed + 4 bath, historic home has undergone several additions over the years but no major upgrades until now. Under different circumstances this home may have been a tear down, the association would not allow that, and it’s new owners have a great love and appreciation for old homes and their restoration. Here at Clark we believe bringing these homes back to life instead of throwing them into a dumpster is the most responsible thing we can be doing for our environment.

This restoration designed by BC+J, consists of a phased approach to bring the charming home into the 21st century. The current phase includes a completely new kitchen, significant structural upgrades in the foundation and first floor framing to repair sagging floors, some new windows, and bathroom remodels on the upper floor, refinish, repair and patching of the original fir flooring – and a general refresh throughout. For greater efficiency, the insulation is also being updated as it was never a fully sealed home. Without a proper barrier on the exterior, the team is having to install this from the inside. This house is truly a time capsule (the front door even has its original doorknob) and breathing new life into it has required great care in its restoration by our skilled team.

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