Suquamish Shores Natural Play Area

Clark Construction is known for its excellence in single and multi-family commercial construction, custom home building and detailed remodels, but what you might not realize is that Clark Construction is in the playground business as well! Right in the heart of the Suquamish community, Clark is helping to create the Suquamish Shores Natural Play Area, transforming a small patch of forested land into a functioning play area and community meeting center.

This project is unique to Clark as it consists mostly of design and civil work, which this time of year can create extra challenges due to the wet weather. Despite record level rain fall, the project is over halfway complete and the crew is currently rough grading and working on the second phase of concrete in the play area. Slabs are poured, the masons are done with the main restroom structure and framing is about to begin. Both electricians and plumbers have all their rough-in complete in the restroom and picnic area. Some of the radius walls and sidewalks have been poured and Team Clark is prepping for the rest, as well as some paving to be done on Totem Lane. There is much excitement on the jobsite as the team is about to move into the play area phase of the project, with a projected completion scheduled for April, depending on our weather.

The Architect for this beautiful project is Johnson Squared and the Engineer, Anchor QEA. It is a real community effort as trade partners and suppliers from all over the county are involved in the transformation of this empty lot. The end product will include public restrooms and a PNW peeled log-built picnic structure, detailed landscape features and tribal art structures will be present throughout the park. The Orca inspired play area will include a variety of play equipment with slides and water feature.  The Suquamish Shores Natural Play Area is sure to become a favorite PNW gathering place.

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