A Statement on Human Rights from Clark Construction Inc.

In this season, with Human Rights Day coming up on December 10th, Clark leadership feels inspired to share our firm stance on a topic that has been especially prevalent in the media as of late.  

Clark Construction Inc. is committed to respecting and promoting human rights. As a female founded construction company and community connector in the Puget Sound region, our commitment to human rights is founded in our belief that we must bring human decency, respect, integrity, and kindness to everything we do, from our hiring practices to our supportive internal company culture (shaped and driven by Clark employees), and in our daily interactions with our trade partners and our local community. We believe that diversity and inclusion practices are essential to the success of Clark. We believe that companies have a responsibility to create safe spaces for all, both in daily business activities and in the digital realm. Leading by example, we invite and encourage all Puget Sound companies, especially our fellow general contractors, trade partners, and the community organizations that we partner with, to examine their internal practices through this lens. 

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