Support for Daniel & SSGT Taylor Hoover

During the recent tragic events in Afghanistan, a fellow Marine of our Team Clark member Daniel Taylor was sadly one of the 12 service members who lost his life during the evacuation at Bagram AirField.  This past weekend Daniel drove to San Diego to attend a ceremony which involved him carrying a hand-made cross up a legendary mountain on Camp San Mateo called First Sergeants Hill. In a coordinated effort to support Daniel’s mission, Team Clark donated money and PTO time, as well as their labor to help build the cross.  It is our hope that this beautiful, sturdy cross will serve as a healing agent and visual tribute to this fallen Marine and will help not only Daniel, but everyone involved to honor his service and his legacy. Special thanks to our partners Monkey Wrench and Ryan Koch for their donations and heartfelt gratitude to Daniel for allowing Team Clark to partner with him in honoring his friend.

Daniel – top left

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