EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: Meet Ryan our happiest employee

Meet Ryan Walkowski, a new hire here at a Clark Construction. Ryan currently works over at our Madrona multi-family construction site and brings joy wherever he goes. Easily our happiest employee, Ryan works hard keeping our job sites clean and up to code. Ryan lives on Bainbridge Island and enjoys visiting Lytle Beach to throw rocks into Rich Passage and watch the boats pass by. He enjoys cutting wood, using his many hammers and hanging out with his older brothers when they are in town. Ryan has an intellectual disability and came to us through the excellent organization, Trillium Employment Services.

Since 1983, Trillium has helped businesses recruit, train and advance employees with developmental disabilities. With the belief that businesses are stronger when they have diverse abilities in their workforce, they offer companies solutions that fill labor gaps, strengthen business, and improve diversity.

Ryan is also hearing impaired but can successfully read lips and body language and loves to sign with anyone who knows the language. Ryan is a supported Clark employee and everyone enjoys interacting with him on the job site.  Seeing the pride he brings to his work raises the bar for our other team members. Ryan is an asset to have on our team. Thank you Trillium for helping us find him.

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