The reHOME Project

The mission of the reHOME Project is to demonstrate that with thoughtful design and rigorous sourcing strategies, we can reduce construction waste, keep materials out of our landfills and provide affordable housing for our communities.


The award-winning reHOME project at Morales Farm was a collaborative effort with Clark ConstructionCoates DesignHousing Resources Bainbridge and Friends of the Farms. It features three tiny homes built with repurposed materials and volunteer labor to provide affordable housing for local farm workers.  In the building process more than 26,000 pounds of building materials valued at about $125,000 were diverted from the landfill. Everything from fixtures to windows was sourced from trade partners, subcontractors and the community at large.

The reHOME team was excited to launch this novel and sustainable design solution to the housing challenges on Bainbridge Island. This award-winning project helps to ease our farmer housing crisis while featuring new and innovative ideas in green building and design.

Team: Coates Design, Friends of the Farms, Housing Resources Bainbridge


Press Release: read here

Press Coverage:

Bainbridge Island Review – April 2021
Daily Journal of Commerce – August 2021

Bainbridge Island Review – June 2022
Daily Journal of Commerce – October 2022

Bainbridge Island Review – December 2022

Daily Journal of Commerce – October 2023

Award: AIA 2022 Honor Award of Merit in research and innovation

Photography: David Cohen & Clark Construction

Final Images
Under Construction Images