The reHOME Project

The mission of the reHOME Project is to demonstrate that with thoughtful design and rigorous sourcing strategies, we can reduce construction waste, keep materials out of our landfills and provide affordable housing for our communities.

LAUNCH PROJECT:  The reHOME project at Morales Farm will provide three new living spaces adjacent to the existing farmhouse, that are constructed with recycled or repurposed materials.

Each new living space will have two private sleeping areas, a small common area, and a bathroom with a shower.

By separating the common living space in the house from private living space in three satellite bedrooms, direly needed intern housing will be provided for up to five unrelated adults.

The original Morales farmhouse will be renovated and provide communal cooking facilities, gathering space, and workspace for the residents.

The reHOME team is excited to launch this novel and sustainable design solution to the housing challenges on Bainbridge Island. This project will help to ease our farmer housing crisis while featuring new and innovative ideas in green building and design.

Team: Coates Design, Friends of the Farms, Housing Resources Bainbridge


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