Wood Avenue

For this project, Clark used thoughtful planning and skilled execution to allow the home to seamlessly occupy a tight infill site in town. This home was one of three built by a group of friends on the space, meaning shared and coordinated water, sewer, city storm water connections, and landscaping were required. One solution was to create rain gardens to help storm water management. Open spaces and vaulted ceilings ensured the 2,400 sf floor plan did not feel cramped, but also complicated the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical layout. Complex installation of insulation and a highly efficient heating system allowed the space-maximizing design to be realized. Large window walls were made possible by the precise placement of structural steel members and detailed siding installation. A full length skylight, requiring well-executed framing and flashing, further utilized natural light to open up the narrow but efficient space. Even the smallest rooms in the home feature high-end touches, including a curbless, frameless door steam shower installed in a tight bathroom space under the stairs.

Architect:   BC&J Architects

Photos:  Ben Benschneider of Seattle

Status: Complete