Bucklin Hill Farmhouse

The Bucklin Hill modern farmhouse on Bainbridge Island features reclaimed, rough-sawn trusses and concrete slab on grade with radiant tubing running throughout the space. The slab foundation sits on 72 pin piles of varying depths.


“We built our dream house with Clark Construction. We started by having a meeting with Clark before we even had land or plans. They helped us set realistic expectations and budget which really helped drive us forward. Jeff Krueger and Kellen Bond were so great to work with. Two years after our first meeting, after having found the land, hiring an architect and building a house, we were within $2 per square foot of what Jeff told us to expect during that first meeting. The two best parts of working with them was the quality of the work and the communications we had with them. I received a daily email telling us who would be on site working on my house, and every week I received an updated three-week schedule. Clark kept a super clean job site, adhered to all of the cities codes and rules, we didn’t have any issues at all. With every large project, eventually, something isn’t going to be perfect. On those rare occasions, we got together and came up with a solid solution. I consider many of the Clark employees to be friends now and I would absolutely recommend them.” – David Dunn, Client

Architect: Mark Olason

Status: Completed 2019