Our Unique Approach

Clark uses the construction management tools you expect from a large general contractor, but with a small-contractor feel. Our control measures facilitate a smooth process, ensure end quality and budgeted costs, assure on-time completion and future warranty protection. Our business systems provide a clear and detailed mechanism for communication and tracking of decisions to keep the entire process transparent and stop potential problems before they have an opportunity to begin.

We are flexible and willing to adapt to any situation with open minds – an attitude that permeates every level of our company. We understand that each job is unique and every project team should be tailored to suit. Our jobsite supervisors can keep a project moving and still swing a hammer with the crew. Clark’s depth and diversity allow us to handpick the best team for your project.


The Clark Difference

We are passionate about construction and committed to delivering a high-quality end product.  We are set apart from our competitors by our process management, proactive budgeting, and cost-control discipline. We see our role as the end of anxieties, not the beginning.

Cost Confidence

With Clark, the client has control over all project costs. We are so confident in our ability to budget projects that we will often move to a contract, in Guaranteed Maximum Price format, from schematic-level design. This includes subcontractor input, with a detailed description of the entire scope of work, to provide a “no surprises” outcome for both owner and contractor.

Cost control starts with a thorough understanding of the project. Before we receive bids, we estimate every division in-house. This allows us to challenge subcontractors and vendors to find savings or value-engineering opportunities. Once the project starts, our controls include weekly reviews of all labor and materials and easy-to-understand monthly billings supported by actual costs. Monthly forecasts allow us to look for trends and opportunities throughout the project.

Professional Management

Clark Construction uses Procore construction management software, an interactive tool that allows project stakeholders to quickly and accurately share information. This allows near-instant incorporation of approved changes, maintaining schedules and reducing costs. We look forward to sharing how this amazing tool will help your project.

Procore management tools used by Clark Construction include:

  • Subcontractor insurance & State Labor and Industries monitoring
  • Lien waiver management
  • Master subcontract management
  • Change order management
  • Cost forecasting
  • Up to date billing
  • Detailed pre-construction scheduling
  • Accurate schedule updates and forecasting
  • Request for Information (RFI) & Submittal tracking

Project failures can often be tracked to a lack of these control systems. Clark’s systems provide a clear and detailed mechanism for communication and tracking of owner-driven decisions.

  • Document change management tracking
  • Cloud-based, accurate, transparent tracking of all controls
  • Safety tracking and real-time notifications

On-time Completion

We take pride in our ability to meet aggressive schedules. To do so requires all stakeholders in project delivery to have an early understanding of the schedule and how to accelerate it. The schedule is incorporated into subcontractor agreements to ensure on-time delivery. During the course of construction, subcontractors, vendors and field personnel are apprised of progress in three week look-aheads. This look into the near future allows us to quickly rearrange the schedule for unforeseen events, such as delivery delays or change of scope.

While most clients would be one-time customers to subcontractors, Clark is a repeat customer for many of our subs. These relationships endure because we establish clear expectations, pay on time and treat our affiliates with respect and appreciation for a job well done. In return, we receive the most competitive prices in the market from them; a true benefit to you, the client.

Sustainable Building Practices

Committed to the health of our planet, sustainable building runs deep within Clark’s culture. We strive to be green, both on the jobsite and in our own offices, from finding new sustainable materials and practices to improving recycling throughout the company. Our LEED certified personnel were among the first in the region to implement innovative, sustainable building systems.

Always mindful of our impact on the environment, many of our projects bring unique opportunities for energy-efficient or green materials and methods. A number of our residences are constructed using innovative Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs). This sustainable building method creates a tight building envelope, meaning lower heating and cooling costs and greater noise reduction. 

We were proud to have been selected as the general contractor for the award-winning Loom House on Bainbridge Island, which became the first-ever residential remodel to earn Living Building certification from the International Living Future Institute. This designation is the most rigorous performance standard in the building industry, which required adherence to a strict materials Red List, proof of recycling materials, and net zero resource usage.

What our clients say

At Clark, we take great pride in repeat and referral business, so we’re pleased to share these testimonials from some of our many satisfied clients and industry partners. Have a great Clark story to share? Tell us, and we’ll include it here:
  • “Clark Construction put a dream team together for us and the chemistry and leadership really paid off. The space feels like “home” and we are thrilled with how it turned out. Thanksgiving will be really special this year. We will welcome family and friends to enjoy a wonderful meal as we host in our new, warm and spectacular space! Thanks very much for fostering such a positive work environment for all of the Clark work family that we were privileged to meet and get to know. Can’t thank you enough!”

    MacCulloch Family
    Residential Renovation
  • “We chose Clark Construction when building our family home for many reasons: The quality of Clark’s work was a huge draw – they build stunning, elegantly modern homes. The communication with our Clark project team was fantastic. They were easily accessible on a daily basis, and we met for frequent project updates. Clark came into our project with a clear budget and they finished on budget and on time. We can’t say enough about how much we appreciated our experience with CCLLC. If we ever build another home (which we probably won’t, because our current home is so awesome that we want to live here forever), we’ll definitely work with Clark again.”

    Andrea & Thomas Chymiy
    Residential New Construction
  • “Over the years I have learned that great general contractors are really hard to find. So when you find one, you hang on to them. For me that’s Clark Construction….they set the standard for “great” and that is why they have been our “go to” contractor for many projects over the years. What makes a great contractor? Well, from my perspective as in architect it is three simple things: 1.Great Quality of Work 2. Cost Competitive Bidding 3. Integrity. They have all of them in spades. I know when I am working with Clark Construction that the bids will be reasonable, the work will be of great quality and if/when they make a mistake or an issue arises, they will always own it and make it right.”

    Matthew Coates
    Owner of Coates Design Architects
  • “Clark Construction should be proud of the time and talent you dedicated to the new KidsUp! Playground. On behalf of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation, I thank you for your contribution. I hope when you are at Battle Point Park you will stop to see the playground in full swing and you take a moment to reflect on the efforts and commitment you made to our community. The Lookout Pier you supported and built is an iconic feature at KidsUp! and will be well-loved by the next generation of play.”

    Lisa Sheffer
    Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation
  • “It was a pleasure working with Clark Construction on the Triple Crown project. Brian and George provided great leadership and the regular team meetings really made the difference in managing the schedule and expectations by all. I would with confidence recommend your company to future clients. I look forward to the next opportunity to work side-by-side with your team and future lunch and learn sessions.”

    Wendy Phillips
    Wendy Phillips Interior Design
  • “Clark Construction did a major remodel for us and we could not be more delighted with the results. The original house was 2 stories built in 1972 with a series of small rooms with 8’ ceilings. With our vision and their expertise they turned it into a 1 story, high coffered ceiling house with a very open and spacious floor plan. Exactly what we wanted! Throughout the process there were many meeting and all were very cordial and productive. We would highly recommend Clark Construction”.

    Suzanne and Donald Kelly
    Residential remodel
  • “Clark Construction has been a valuable partner of Housing Resources Bainbridge for the past several years. Our Ferncliff Village Town homes were constructed by Clark and they are solid, beautiful homes that will serve our community well for generations to come. I can always count on Clark to treat every stakeholder with the same dignity and respect I demand from my staff. They coordinate around crazy schedules and always keep in mind the importance of not only their own work, but also the importance of the space they are working on to its occupant – whether it be a small business owner or HRB resident. The desired end result for Clark is stakeholder satisfaction.”

    Jeanette Hill
    Facilities Manager, Housing Resources Bainbridge
  • “When the final construction estimate for our project came in over budget due to causes that were outside of your control we were very concerned. We are raising the funds to build and equip our new building and our ability to do this is limited. Your leadership of our value engineering effort in working with your subcontractors to find costs that could be eliminated without degrading the quality of our building was both very important and impressive to us all.”

    Board Members
    Bainbridge Artisan Resource Network
  • “We built our dream house with Clark Construction. We started by having a meeting with Clark before we even had land or plans. They helped us set realistic expectations and budget which really helped drive us forward. Jeff Krueger and Kellen Bond were so great to work with. Two years after our first meeting, after having found the land, hiring an architect and building a house, we were within $2 per square foot of what Jeff told us to expect during that first meeting. The two best parts of working with them was the quality of the work and the communications we had with them. I received a daily email telling us who would be on site working on my house, and every week I received an updated three-week schedule. Clark kept a super clean job site, adhered to all of the cities codes and rules, we didn’t have any issues at all. With every large project, eventually, something isn’t going to be perfect. On those rare occasions, we got together and came up with a solid solution. I consider many of the Clark employees to be friends now and I would absolutely recommend them.”

    David Dunn
    Residential New Construction

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At Clark our employees are our greatest asset, and we offer competitive compensation and benefits in a positive work environment.  We ensure career development even after you are hired with ongoing training, classes and tools to help you further your career in construction.  We embrace inclusiveness, whether it’s backgrounds, skills or talents, and we’re building a diverse and successful team.