Manitou Project Uses Sustainable CLT Prefabricated Material

The Manitou residence is a new construction, single family home on Skiff point in the Rolling Bay neighborhood of Bainbridge Island. It has approximately 3,329 SF of living space across two levels, plus an ADU.

The homeowner, Adin Dunning of Studio Bracket, is also the Architect and has designed the home to use CLT (cross laminated timber) which is typically used for commercial warehouses rather than single family homes.  CLT is a prefabricated material consisting of sustainably-sourced lumber layered in opposing directions and held together with low volatile organic compound (low-VOC) adhesives. The result is a powerful load-bearing material that is proving itself a competitor against heavier steel and concrete materials.  CLT buildings also offer an additional thermal benefit in that the precise nature of the manufacturing process means there is very little air leakage within the building envelope. Essentially the entire structure (majority of the framing) of the Manitou home is pre-engineered by a CLT manufacturer in Eastern Washington and then trucked to the site for installation by the Clark Team.

Photos below show the first shipment of CLT being installed last week at the construction site.

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